Tookangweb is Now a Network of Tokokoo

Tokokoo will be going to take over Tookangweb by 1 November 2010. With WordPress as their specialty, Tookangweb provides us free WordPress themes equipped with light yet powerful design and very much Indonesian taste especially in their theme names.

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We had already contact Moch. Zamroni – the owner of Tookangweb – about the idea of collaborating, whether in development and social scope, for we both have same focus on WordPress and we also care about the world’s disasters and tragedies. We have come to the concept: how to produce better WordPress themes while we also make contribution of what we create for those who is suffering and need help from people like us.

Now the dealt has thankfully been made, and Tookangweb soon will be one of Tokokoo’s network with a new name: WPCharity.

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WPcharity is a Tokokoo's network that is specifically built for charity purpose where you can donate your money easily. All you have to do is purchasing our themes. Each theme costs $1 only and you will donate 25% of it for social aim, right after purchasing.
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