Donation Service with Rumah Zakat

To strengthen our charity distribution and make sure the donation is accepted by the victims of latest world tragedies we have worked with some competent parties. We will be going to change our recent donation institution every 2 months with other institutions in order to upgrade our service.

At this period we are working with, a world class social religious organization that focuses on delivering money/donation for people who need our help, or simply the victims of natural disaster that strikes our hearts nowadays.

Rumah Zakat

Rumah Zakat is a modern organization dedicated to help distributing our donation for people in need. The synergy they put in their works is supported by sophisticated technology, integrity, and high professionalism in doing orders for people mandates. It is also proven, in a way, that they use PayPal as one of their distribution services, making the donation is easier to give, either from and for around the world.

With Rumah Zakat, you are provided with many stripes of communication that you can easily reach like call and SMS Center, Zakat Consultant ready to visit your home, or chat via messenger. In delivering zakat there should be nothing blocks you away from giving like time, work, gap, or distance, because if you need to donate within your busy time you can have our staff picking up your donation and even do consultation. You can send your donation via ATM or Debit Card that you can use in 21 million merchants around the world.

Rumah Zakat Calculator

It was Abu Syauqi, the founding father of Rumah Zakat, who established Dompet Sosial Ummul Quro (DSUQ) on 1998. With provisions in helping orphans and people in need he left his business and change his intentions to start a social organization.

With vision and mission “to be an excellent, trustworthy world class amil zakat institution to develop the society growth in producing inventive, stand alone products and to improve service quality through superiority of human being”, Rumah Zakat is a place you can trust for donating because they based on, as the CEO, Rachmat Ari Kusumanto declares, mandates, professionalism, easy, synergy, exact distribution, and clarity of reports.

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